Monday, March 14, 2011

My Top 5 Anime List

                                       Top 5 Anime List

1.) Dragon Ball Z: Dragon ball Z has to have a place in every one of our hearts, with its fast paced action and heart racing scenes that make you wonder what will happen next. Dragon Ball Z starts off the series focusing primarily on the "Z-Team," who are Earth's special forces. They fight all of the evil villains, but a lot of the members of it start to get more and more behind in training as the time goes on in the show. The later half of the Anime is focused primarily on the saiyan's, a race that has a knack  for fighting. A must see for any anime fan.

2.) Naruto: Naruto is an anime based on ninjas, primarily focusing on a character named Naruto who has a nine tailed demon fox living inside of him; which gives him an edge over other shinoby. This fox gives him a strange chakra in which he uses to win most of the one sided battles that he faces. The show begins as more of a comedy it seems like, but quickly jumps into the action as they start going on mission after mission. Only complaint is how much filler it has, but without that I would recommend this anime to anyone.

3.) High School of the Dead: Definitely a fun anime, with action, comedy, and nudity all placed into one! It jumps straight into the action in episode one, only downfall it only has 12 episodes for being such a great anime. This show starts off with High school kids going to school, and all of a sudden a zombie starts infecting people and pretty soon the entire school is under chaos! There are a few students who remain though, they make an alliance and go out onto the world by themselves. The anime is good, and short for those of you who do not like to get into long, in depth anime's. 

4.) Rurouni Kenshin: This Samurai anime takes place during the Meji era in feudal Japan. It follows the life of Rurouni Kenshin, and very talented swordsman who wields a sword with the blade on the inside of the curve; which is unusual. Rurouni Kenshin is trying to get rid of the life that he led ten years prior to the start of this in which he was a great killer, and everywhere he went there were people looking to kill him. Rurouni then meets new people in a quiet village, and his next journey begins. This is a good anime, that I would recommend for anyone that is interested in action anime's, it can definitely keep your attention for a long time.

5.) Blood+: This story is based on a girl named Saya, she thinks that she is an ordinary girl; but is sadly mistaken. This girl has to kill blood sucking creatures, also known as Chiroterans, with the help of someone named Haji and her two brothers. Saya has to travel the world looking for and killing all of these creatures, and she learns about the things that have happened to her in her past. A pretty good anime, I like it a lot; the idea behind it is very good but could have been executed a little bit better in my opinion. But definitely a must see for everyone!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dragon Ball Kai’s Last Episode on March 27th in Japan

For the hardcore Dragon Ball fans you should already know that Kai is coming to an end and is stopping at the Cell games. But for people just tuning in the last episode is just around the corner.

The Japanese voice actor for Trunks in the Dragon Ball Kai adaptation, Takeshi Kasao has revealed that episode 98 of the abridged series will be the last episode, which will air on March 27th in Japan. The timeslot which is currently occupied by Dragon Ball Kai will then be taken over by the Toriko anime adaptation premiering in April.  This means that the current season of Dragon Ball Kai is adapted directly from chapters #195-420 of the Dragon Ball manga while the original Z adaptation went up to chapter #519.
The series is currently airing as Dragon Ball Z Kai in the US on both the Nicktoons cable network and the Toonzai block on the CW TV network . While speaking to TV Pia magazine Kusao also expressed a desire to see the Buu arc receive the Kai treatment. “I hope they’ll remake the Buu arc as well if they get a chance.”
I for one have mixed feelings about the Buu arc and would like to see their adaption of it, but also at the same time kind of hope they do not redo it. After watching the English dub of Kai I was disappointed and would not want them ruining the Buu saga.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gundam Unicorn’s 4th Episode Title and Release Revealed!

A promotional flyer has revealed the title and release timeframe for the fourth Gundam Unicorn OVA series in ”At the bottom of the gravity well” for Fall of this year.
The third episode in “The Ghost of Laplace” is now available for download from the playstation network and zune marketplace in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden (English Audio) France, Belgium (English Audio with French Subtitles) Spain and Mexico (English Audio with Spanish Subtitles).
This should be an exciting event for all Gundam lovers out there!